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IndEx Business Group is a global service provider, basically focused on worldwide activities in trading, sourcing, supplying, transporting, processing and storing of energy commodities, petrochemicals, biomass and agricultural products. The team has a deep understanding of the energy sector gained through years of trading experience. Moreover, it has at its disposal a broad, worldwide network of strategic connections. The wide product diversification has always been an integral component of the company’s risk management strategy.

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Here's a little about what we're up to.

Since the establishment of a new corporate structure, IndEx has grown rapidly. Company is based in Lithuania, EU, which is considered to be logistical and trading bridge between former CIS countries and all other continents. As a participant in the global flow of natural resources, we use our worldwide network of relationships and our own knowledge of industry to make advantage pricing difference where an imbalance of supply and demand may exist, that is why our customers around the world rely upon our established global network for the supply of product they need.

IndEx moves commodities from a multitude of industrial objects via a complex logistical chain to supply end customers in a cost effective, efficient and safe manner. Company is always seeking new and innovative services to meet customer needs and to ensure a profitable business for all parties. Cutting-edge technologies of logistics management, along with best practices in insurance and trade finance, allow company to continue to drive growth.


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